Superfoam Donation to MP Shah Hospital.

6 April 2020

Superfoam partners with MP Shah hospital Nairobi in the wake of the current coronavirus situation by providing mattresses and pillows ensuring the hospital is well equipped for the current situation as Kenya fights back.

As a world class sleep solution provider, this was an attempt to ensure patients of MP Shah hospital get maximum rest for their recovery during the Covid- 19 Pandemic. Superfoam Limited by this donation, exhibited utmost social responsibility and played a major role in fighting the spread as well as the eradication of the current pandemic.

“We believe that as a brand, it is our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of fellow Kenyans and victims of the Covid-19 through the donation of comfortable mattresses and pillows. We want to wish all the patients a good and comfortable sleep and quick recovery as well.” Sanskrati Shetty, Superfoam Limited Marketing manager remarked.

Superfoam Limited promises to work hand in hand with Kenyans to fight the Coronavirus pandemic in all means possible.