Down with a flu? Here are hacks to enable you enjoy your sleep

4 April 2019

Uugh. Coughing, blocked nose, tossing and turning around. These are some of the unpleasantries that a flu comes with. It even makes you not to want to be in your own body. To kick out a flu or cold, you need to have restorative rest, mostly by sleeping. However, majority of us have had experiences that point at symptoms worsening just before going to bed or immediately getting into bed.

Stressful sleep is the last thing you want to experience when you have a cold. Here are some of the tips that can enable you enjoy your sleep.

● Ensure the temperature of your room is consistent

A flu is associated with annoying body temperature changes that could result to a fever-like feeling. Therefore , it is important to ensure that the temperature of your room is consistent to avoid body temperature fluctuations. Do not be tempted to keep the temperature high or dry. This could worsen your condition by parching your nose of throat. Keep the air humid by opening your windows for fresh air to flow.

● Have a soothingly warm drink before going to bed

Majority of us lose appetite when a cold kicks in. your intake of fluids also drops to 40% of your normal intake. The best thing to do is not to increase fluid intake but rather ensure that you do not get dehydrated. An intake of warm fluids such soups, drinks with high calories could significantly keep you hydrated and help regulate body temperature.

● Sleep in an inclined position

Lying in a inclined position is helpful when having a flu because it helps the drainage of nasal passages. You should use a wedge pillow to facilitate this sleeping position. Avoid stacking pillows so high that it brings about difficulties in breathing due to the sagging of nasal passages.

If you wake up with a blocked nose, try sleeping on your side and not back. Sleeping on your back may worsen your post nasal drip.

● Steamy hot bath

The steam bath inventor must have been a genius! Steam baths are known to be a body stress reliever. If you are experiencing a running nose, trying to stop it using tissues is like trying to stop the unstoppable. Take a hot shower with lots of steam to loosen up mucus. This is also the perfect time to clear your nose and let the uncomfortable sinuses rest. The warmth from the steamy bath will relax your body, a perfect recipe for sleep.

It is important to note that all the above are just remedies that are subject to individual experiences. You should consider getting medical assistance if symptoms persist.


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