Superfoam celebrates World Sleep Day by donating 20 special mattresses to Provide International Hospital, Kayole

Superfoam Limited celebrated this year’s World Sleep Day by donating 20 special hospital mattresses to Provide International Hospital in Kayole.

This year’s World Sleep Day was marked internationally on March, 15, under the theme ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging’.

The donation, aimed at improving the general state of the dilapidated hospital, is part of the wider social responsibility plan that superfoam intends to implement countrywide.

The hospital, run by an NGO, provides nutrition and reproductive healthcare services to vulnerable people living in Nairobi slum areas.

“We are pleased to contribute towards promoting proper sleep and rest, not only for the sick but also for the healthy population as we mark this year’s World Sleep Day. In this case, patients and mothers who have brought new life to the world need a proper place to rest and recover quickly so that they can go home and start enjoying their motherhood journey,” said Mike Fischer, Superfoam’s Chief Executive Officer.

Fischer noted sound sleep and rest are essential in a patient’s recovery journey adding that Superfoam will continue investing in quality mattresses.

“We continue pioneering innovations in the manufacture of quality mattresses that guarantee healthy sleep. We also commit to support World Sleep Day in order to create awareness for the benefits people accrue from having a good night’s sleep,” the CEO said.

He further urged Kenyans to develop better sleeping habits in a bid to boost human physical and psychological performance.

Provide International Hospital director Jonah Kitheka launded the mattress donations terming the mattresses covers as “easy to clean and disinfect.”

Kitheka decried insufficient funds to equip the hospital despite the facility serving high numbers of patients. He thanked Superfoam for a “timely and adequate act” further calling for more support for the hospital which had appealed for support in December last year.

“We made a public appeal for medical equipment last year. Today, as we commemorate World Sleep Day, Superfoam has greatly contributed to the recovery process of patients in our facility,” Kitheka noted.

Citing high numbers of patients at the hospital, Kitheka said the hospital “lacked sufficient sleeping pads” and revealed that not all patients secure beds at the hospital. “These mattresses will improve our services in the hospital as we strive to provide affordable but quality health services.”

Esther Njoki, a mother who delivered at the hospital applauded Superfoam for donating mattresses to the hospital.

“I am a young mother with little income to feed my family. A prolonged stay in this hospital may increase my bill but resting on this new mattress will accelerate my recovery. Thank you Superfoam for facilitating my recovery,” the elated mother said.

World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society. According to the Society, the day aims to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, and social aspects and driving. The day also aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders.