20 Facts You Should Know Before Buying A Mattress

20 August 2018

1. Comfort Is King

When buying a mattress, comfort is key. No matter how expensive the mattress is it won’t give you the best sleeping experience if it’s not comfortable to sleep on. So consider size, firmness and type of materials the mattress is made of.

2. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

No mattress is good for everyone. Factors such as natural sleeping position, sleeping disorders, age and weight, and personal preferences make different mattresses suitable for different people. So choose a mattress that’s good for you and not for everyone else.

3. Size Matters

It’s important to choose the right mattress size that suits your needs. Go for a bigger size if you don’t like feeling restricted. If you love the extra space, go for a queen size. King-sized mattresses are made for couples and for master bedrooms. You should buy a bed that fits your bed.

4. Firmness labels are not Universal

The firmness labels are not universal across all mattress brands. One brand’s extra firm may be equivalent to another brand’s medium firm option.

5. Mattress Tests Are Not Reliable

Most mattress shops allow customers to lie on the mattress for testing. However, a few minutes lying on a mattress in retail shop is not enough for you to determine whether it’s quality is top notch. Test the mattress, yes, but this shouldn’t be the only thing informing your decision.

6. Reviews Are Instrumental

This is crucial especially when you are buying online. Reading consumer reviews gives you a clear idea of what you are getting.

7. Firmer Is Not Always Better

A good mattress should be firm enough to support your spine and other parts of the body. Excessive firmness can cause uncomfortable pressure points and not support your spine properly.

8. Softer is not better Either

A softer mattress will sag under the middle area of the spine, causing poor posture and back pain.

9. An adjustable airbed is a safe

Since you can adjust the firmness and softness with a remote, you are safer even without first testing the mattress.

10. Waterbeds Are Not For Everyone

If you are seasick, you will also feel seasick and dizzy on a waterbed. They also don’t always provide enough back support.

11. Settle On A Budget

High price does not guarantee better mattress quality and mattress price vary greatly. To save money, set a price you are willing to pay and stick to it.

12. Research Pays

Keenly consider your options. Do your research on innerspring mattresses, airbeds, waterbeds, memory foam, latex etc. to find the best mattress that suits your needs.

13. Brands have value

Some brands are well known than others and for good reasons. Look for trusted brands with quality products and good customer support.

14. Pillow Top Mattresses Are Bad For Stomach Sleepers

Pillow top mattresses are not good for your lower back and can cause your spine to curve.

15. Hybrid beds are becoming more popular

If you would love the benefits of different types of mattresses, get hybrids like latex and memory foam combination, or an innerspring with memory foam top layer.

16. Metal coils are not necessarily the best

Innerspring beds are prone to sagging and allergens. They are also noisy and have a bouncy effect some people find uncomfortable.

17. Mattress Protector Is Key

A good mattress protector helps to prevent dust mite allergies from acting up, and will protect the mattress warranty.

18. Shop At A Store Specializing in Mattresses

The salespeople at a mattress specialty store usually have more training on the whole subject of sleep. Try to find a store that carries several major brands, such as SuperFoam.

19. Pillow Tops Aren’t For Everyone

Very light weight people don’t need big thick pillow top mattresses because they don’t weight enough to compress the foam to even touch the underlying support system. On the other side, larger people tend to feel more comfortable with a little extra cushion between them and the coils.

20. Look for a good warranty.

The warranty, of course, is the most important aspect of a mattress brand’s customer support system; the longer the warranty, the better.

Remember that you will spend more time on your bed than any other furniture item in your home, so choose wisely.


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