Are you Single? Could this be the reason why you enjoy your snuggle?

26 February 2019

In one way or another, persons aged above twenty years of age find themselves in relationships. Relationships and need for closely knit companionship drives couples towards cohabiting. And cohabiting has its own beauties and not-so-beautiful unspoken battles. This is because couples living together do certain things such as sleep, cook, dine or simply enjoy enjoy each other’s company regardless of job or sleep schedules.

Have you ever met someone who disrupts you entire comfort in terms of sleep? I can not be alone in this. Some of you could have encountered one too. Either she is a blanket thief. He snores. He talks in his sleep. She kicks your privates a couple of times a month. She occasionally has night terrors. He sleeps hot. He wakes up a million times a night!

Or simply, you are someone who sleeps more soundly when cuddling therefore being single sucks. Or, on the flip side, you are someone who can not stand to be touched while sleeping. Thus, you might run into some problems when you get into a relationship. Essentially, adults are supposed to get six uninterrupted hours of sleep and factors like the ones above disrupt your sleep without noticing.

Some of the most notorious and unnoticeable sleep disruptors among couples are:


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