Do Mattresses quality affect quality of sleep

7 January 2019

You would not attempt going for zip lining or run a marathon or even skydiving without the right gear. And yet, despite spending a third of our lives sleeping, many of us haven’t adequately prepared in the bedroom – when it comes to mattresses, that is.

Different people take different amount of time to sleep off. Some of us are in dreamland the moment our head hits the pillow, while others take a lot longer. However, regardless of how quickly you fall asleep, there are some unsuspected things about your mattress that can affect your health while you sleep.

You might point a finger at your meager budget for the continued sleeping on less than ideal mattress but have you considered benefits associated with sleeping on a comfortable mattress such as enjoying an improved memory, weight loss and a longer lifespan? If you have then I second guess you will not put a price tag on good sleep.

Ask yourself if you ever experience the following;

  • Have you woken up feeling unrested?
  • Do you sleep better on a different bed, for example at a hotel or a relative’s home?
  • Do you have to lie on a particular place in your mattress to get to sleep?
  • Is it almost as easy for you to fall asleep on the sofa as it is in your own bed?
  • Can you sense lumps, springs, or sagging in your mattress?
  • Does your mattress make any sound when you move in bed?

As funny as it may sound, if your answer to the above questions is yes, then you are a victim of sleep health robbery! Additionally, a mattress is an item that you will most likely keep for several years, you could end up being exposed to a number of unwelcome companions in form of “bugs” that breed and collect in your mattress. These bedroom partners can have some unpleasant effects on the comfort of precious sleeping pad.

Your sleep is crucial to the quality of life you are going to lead. In today’s fast-paced society, there is simply too much to do and not enough time. Yet your body still requires sufficient sleep to regenerate, to give you sufficient energy for the next day. If you suspect your mattress is giving you less than stellar sleep health, then it is time for a new mattress!

However, it is important not to confuse sleep quantity and sleep quality. For instance, if your mattress does not properly support your spine, then even a long night’s sleep will not feel particularly restful to you. You may even wake up in the morning experiencing back pain. In contrast, you’ll be able to feel fully rested and refreshed on the perfect mattress even if you get fewer hours of sleep. In that case, just imagine how fantastic a long sleep on the perfect mattress would feel!

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest. There is no need to wait until the situation is so dire that you are simply not comfortable lying in your own bed because as much as roses are beautiful, we only put their petals on our beds and not roses with thorns.


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