How Sleep Can Make Your Marriage Last Longer

20 August 2018

This might surprise you because we usually blame sleep deprivation on things like impulsive behaviour, depression, paranoia and fatigue, but rarely do we imagine it affects our marriages. Now, sleep, among many other benefits it accords us, plays a major role in making your marriage last longer, and below are reasons why.

Makes You Slow To Anger

When you are sleep deprived, you are irritable. Your conflict solving skills also take a hit, which means that every small disagreement with your partner is likely to escalate into something big and ruin your marriage. Having enough sleep, on the other hand, helps you to be calm even during disagreements. Being calm helps you solve problems better.

Enhances Better Decision Making

Relationships are all about decision-making. It starts right when you decide you are good for each other to planning about your goals and expectations. You need to be well rested and in a good state of mind to be able to make such decisions. So if you and your partner get enough sleep, you are half way to making good decisions that will make your marriage a success.

Makes You Look More Attractive

If your better half continues to find you attractive years after getting married, your marriage is headed for success. We desire physically attractive romantic partners because we believe they are the best. So how do you maintain your attractiveness? Among other things, get enough sleep.

Boosts Your Sense Of Humour

Who doesn’t love a partner with a good sense of humour? Laughter is medicine and you will definitely fall in love with your partner if they make you life. But humour requires a high level of thought and getting enough sleep boosts it, impacting our ability to appreciate the verbal humour. Lack of sleep is, therefore, a hindrance to a sense of humour.

More Sleep Might Mean Relationship Satisfaction

Often, better quality sleep among couples results from relationship satisfaction and vice versa. Your sleep quality determines the level of closeness between the couples, how secure they feel in the relationship and the number of positive emotions you readily attribute to your relationship. If you are experiencing relationship woes, changing your sleep habit might just be what you need to improve your relationship and make your marriage last longer.

Now that you know, do not always sit in the living room watching a movie or reading a book while your partner goes to bed. Try going to bed together and spend more time sleeping together and increase the chances of growing grey hair with your better half beside you.


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