Did you know that the colour in your home has an impact on your mood?

27 March 2019

Your home is the place where you spend most of your time (well, at least in my case). Therefore, creating an ambiance that is soothing and relaxing should be one of your priorities. One of the easiest ways to create a balance of warmth and still bring out your personality is through the use of color in a creative way. The greatest artist in the world once noted that “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

Color is a powerful tool for communication and can be used to trigger action, influence mood or even directly influence physiological reactions. Particular colors have been linked to increased metabolism, increase or reduction of blood pressure and others can cause eye strain.

So how exactly do different colors affect your mood and that of your room?


The sky is blue. So is the ocean. Oceans and sky gives you a soothing mood towards infinity and a strong sense of freedom. It is associated with lowering blood pressure, unclogging the mind and enhances stable breathing. However not all shades of blue have this effect. Light blue shades are cool and calm, thus they are the most appropriate to use in bedrooms and bathrooms. Darker shades of blue should be avoided as they elicit feelings of sadness.

2. Red

This is a very intense color. It is associated with excitement, energy, strength, aggression or even anger. It is an exciting option for social spaces such as living room as it helps ignite conversations and stimulate appetite. However, red is not recommended as an option for bedroom walls.

3. Yellow

I am sure everyone wants to feel invited and welcome to their home. Because home is the place where we run to every day to relax and rejuvenate, the perfect color choice for your walkways is yellow. It is associated with happiness and provokes a sense of welcomeness. This color is perfect for entrances, hallway or kitchen area, because you are likely to spend a few minutes in the kitchen to fix something to eat before you head off to bed. However, yellow is not a good main theme color. Babies seem to cry more in yellow rooms, because in large amounts of splash, the color tends to create a sense of frustration and anger. Therefore, it is not a good choice for bedroom walls.

4. Purple

This is a historically rich, sophisticated and dramatic color that is associated with royalty and luxury. Purple color gives you romantic vibes and can actually spark creativity. Thus, is highly recommended for bedrooms since it does not spark a feeling of chilliness as blue color.

However, lighter versions of purple such as lavender and lilac are preferred to the darker shades of purple.

So what colors should you choose for your bedroom? Go for the light, calm, cool and soothing colors. Additionally, go for the bold, inviting and energizing colors for your social spaces. But remember that people’s reaction to particular colors may vary due to cultures and prior experiences. A great sense of consciousness is required when making choices for your resting haven.


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